Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Killing in our schools

Just read today that there was yet another school shooting in Pennsylvania at an Amish school. Apparently a 32 year old milk man, ushered out the males and held the girls hostage before killing 4 of them and critically injuring others, lastly killing himself. All for what? An old grudge he held evidently. Last week a principal was killed and a teenage girl was executed after being sexually assaulted by a man who then killed himself at a school. Course everyone remembers Columbine, but these latest are done by "intruders" to the schools.

I can't bring myself to call these killers, men, so I will refer to them as monsters. These monsters have taken the lives of innocent girls. How very macho of them. To enter a school where generally we feel it safe for our kids to learn, wave a gun around, kill some and then turn the gun on themselves. These monsters were so cowardly that they couldn't join the military and go to Iraq to kill the enemy, or something similar. They didn't have the nerve to stand up to a huge 6' 5'', 350, bald and tattooed biker member with nothing but fists. No instead they take a gun, to hide behind, and killed unarmed little children. And to top it all off, they kill themselves because they obviously know what they have done and to stand accountable to it would require some level of courage and morality. I just don't understand the minds of some of this worlds monsters. Maybe that's a good thing huh? If I did understand them, that would mean I related to them and if I relate to them then I am one of them.

In this latest incident, the monster had a wife and 3 kids. Not only did he steal the lives of the kids he killed and left the parents without their children, he left his own children without a father. I have no feelings for these monsters, no sympathy no remorse for them. Maybe as kids they suffered. Maybe they were abused themselves. Maybe they had a mental disorder which was uncontrolled. Who knows. All that matters now, is that they killed an innocent child. Unfortunately, this is becoming all to common. It most likely will not be the last we hear in the news about a school shooting. Very sad.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


It's been awhile since I've blogged, but I figured since no one reads them, why bother. Oh well, maybe someday.

Croc Hunter, Steve Irwin, died on Monday from a Stingray. Very sad news. I wasn't totally surprised because of the close contact he has with animals. But by a stingray, normally docile creatures, was a shock. I liked him, he had a great personality and was excited to do what he did, everyday of his life. I feel bad for Terry, Bindi Sue and Bob, my thoughts go out to them.

You know, why the hell can't people like Osama bin Laden get stung by a stingray or fall on a land mine? No poetic justice for those types.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Daily Feed

I've been trying to "pimp" this blog for the last several days. Researching on how to get this blog seen and following the advice. No luck yet in having new viewers. But I will continue to post.

I'm supposed to keep these entries rather short....but with me being the type to over explain everything, that's gonna be tough.

Let's see what to talk about today.....

Well I got my IronMan Statue on Friday from Sideshow Collectibles. Only 500 were made and it is so damn cool. IronMan is my favorite comic character and as I mentioned earlier, I can't wait to see the movie. Providing they do it right.

Does anyone else think that this scumbag Karr, self professed killer of Jon Benet Ramsey, is really the killer? I think he is one sick puppy looking for attention. What gives me the creeps about him is that he looks familar somehow. Like I've seen him before, not on the street, but on tv or a movie or news. I know, weird right? He just has a familar face.

Football season is upon us. Whoo hoo. Or not. I just don't feel into it as much anymore. I'm a Vikings fan and have been all my life. But I don't have anyone to watch it with so I'm on my own. It isn't as much fun when you don't have a group of people cheering along. In fact the only one I watch a game or two with is my Grandma. She's 80 years old and still a fan. I can talk football with her but it would be nice to have some buds to kick back with and have a brew and snacks and scream at the screen.

Well, see ya on the flip side.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

This is Sniper:RED, a character I've had for quite some time. Her comic is called Redemption. I've written about 1/2 of the first issue and layed thumbnails down for what is written. Because I am busy writing for BoldComics, drawing the art for Grim #1, and doing other stuff, I have fallen behind in getting Redemption finished. I was hoping that it would be finished by this Fall, but I don't think that will happen. Redemption is about a woman, manipulated into killing, who searches for the answers to her past. Along the way she learns more and more about herself. Perhaps in the end, what makes her unique is the journey she has taken to get the answers instead of what she used to be. There is government politics, real world events, aliens, monsters, mystery, drama and hopefully some humor. This comic is not for kids, with it's graphic violence, graphic language and brief nudity, this will be a Mature title. I will try to introduce more characters here and maybe some sneak peaks into issue #1. Stay Tuned.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

New Comic in the works

I'm a staff member over at www.boldcomics.com. I'm currently writing a 3 book mini based on a new character I and the rest of the team came up with. We wanted to put aside our individual projects and collaborate on a book that we could all call our own. Right now, the script for issue 1 is about 80% finished with the first pages already sent to the pencilers Eddie Bell and Henry Sampson. I hope that the first issue will be completed by this Fall, we are all pretty excited about this book. We also hope that the ongoing series will be as equally accepted by the public.

At Bold, we have only 5 staffers right now. We have tons of ideas, stories and characters, but not enough people to do it all. We are all doing this pro bono and it is very difficult to find people out there willing to work for free. I believe if a person is passionate about something they will do whatever it takes to get it done. If you are someone who loves to make comics and are willing to take on assignments, dedicate some time, and stay committed, then why not take a look over at www.boldcomics.com and see if anything there interests you. We sure could use the help and would love to have more talent available to make these dreams come true.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

IronMan Movie, directed by Jon Favreau

IronMan is my favorite superhero and has been for a couple decades. What first drew me to IronMan is the armor. Ever since I can remember, I've loved armor. In 1977 I saw Star Wars, and when those Stormtroopers first blasted their way onto the Princesses ship, I was in love. I think that as a kid I felt weak, shy and fearful. Being inside a suit of armor would give a person something to hide behind, a power to use, shielded against harm. I used to make my own "suits of armor" out of cardboard boxes and alot of tape. I'd even make one for my sister and would battle her.

Tony Stark is the sort of guy, everyone would want to be. He's rich, he's handsome, he's a genius, but he is also a human with frailities. When he puts on his armo, he gains strength, endurance and power. The technology that goes into one of his suits is staggering. I remember as a kid, trying to logically figure out how it would be possible. At 13, it was difficult to grasp and now 20+ years later, it still is something of an enigma.

This brings me to this movie. I've waiting for a long time for an IM movie, just like other fans have. I am concerned at how his armor could be properly displayed on screen without looking fake. Remember Robocop? Steel? Terminator? I'm sure there are better examples, but how can you make a suit of "iron" with seamless joints, a metal "look", and when it moves it doesn't appear clunky? What will the armor sound like when it is moving around? Yes, I know, CGI right? Well look at the fuss made with the Hulk movie. I thought the CGI work was incredible and realistic, for the most part. There are some very talented people in the industry out there. But will the best person be selected for the job? I think of all the armor versions, I like Adi Granov's rendition of the "ablative" armor and Starks ingestion of the Extremis to bond with the suit, the best. But how to render it to the big screen? It can't be to shiny or to dull. If CGI is use, which most likely it will be, then make IM's movements look human. Of course, we've all seen the new Star Wars films with CGI extras and many other movies using CGI stunt doubles or the like. But alot of the time, those CGI extras didn't have alot of screen time or the scene was so fast you couldn't make out the details.

So Favreau has his work cut out for him with the technology aspect of this movie. Just as important is the story and supporting cast. Jon has said that he isn't going to delve into the alcoholism in this first movie, which I think is a good idea. Save that plot for a sequel. It's also been said that the Mandarin will be the nemesis for IM. Mandy is probably the best known in IM's rogue gallery, but there are others I personally would rather see than Mandarin. Now if they give Mandarin a make-over with body armor, use a young guy to play him, then maybe it will be cool.

I've seen with the past comic-movies how zealous and critical fans can be. I love comics, but I think I've been pretty neutral across the board with regards to the genre's flaws. You can't always adapt everything straight to film from the comic. An example is the costumes of the X-men, could you imagine how the yellow spandex would have looked in the 3 films? There are many other nitpicks from fans as well, but I never really took it that serious. However, with IM I am a bit more reserved and concerned about adaption. This is most likely due to the fact that IM is my favorite and I care more about the character. My point is that I now fully understand where the fans of Superman, X-men, Catwoman (lol), Batman, Daredevil, Hulk, Spider-man and Punisher were all coming from.

For now, I wait with eager anticipation as this character comes to life. It's still quite a ways away, but hopefully Mr. Favreau will throw us a couple bones along the way.When this project starts the actual filming, then I will feel a tad more relaxed. As it is now, anything can still happen....people can quit, money can be restricted, who knows?

Good luck to you Mr. Favreau, do us proud by making a great movie.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

About this Blog

Ok, so I thought I would delve into the Blog world and start my own blog. This is new to me, so bare with me if I stumble around.

First off, let me direct you to www.graphicmouse.com where you can post comments, post pictures, enter a drawing contest we have, or just look at all the pretty pictures. GraphicMouse is a site dedicated to fans of comics and/or anything you can be a fan of, mainly it's comics though. There are many things you can post there, from pencil drawings, photomanips, colored pics, photography, custom action figures, cosplay and it doesn't have to be about comics. It can be Sci-fi, cartoons, animals, scenery or anything else you want to share with people. Not an artist? Well, then just post in one of the threads there and let everyone know what your thoughts are on the latest comic to film movie. Or talk about your favorite video game. Or just join in on one of the silly threads like Movies, This or That and Story-time, for some fun. I hope to see you there.

I also would like to pimp www.boldcomics.com. I am a staff member there working as an artist/writer. We are currently in production of our first collaberative comic mini-series. Each one of us have our own comic ideas and universe, but we came together to make a comic that we've all had a hand in creating. We can always use new, talented, professional and committed people to join us in making comics. Head on over and check out Bold Comics and see if you would be interested in becoming a staff member or perhaps a freelancer. Or just check out our works in progress and let us know what you think.

Ok, now that that crap is out of the way.....How y'all doing? LOL

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